The 2017 Steampunk Scratch Endeavor Event & Writing Contest – Lexington

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Enthralled with steampunk? So are we….and we want you to tell us about it. The Happy Grape has created the 2017 Steampunk Scratch Endeavor. Create your character from the ground up, immerse yourself in the alleys, back rooms and hidden high society rooms of your mind. Grow your character line by line as you create your steampunk alternate self. Submit your flash-fiction (short story) submittal (500 words or less) by October 1st of the year 2017. And then….. Breathe life into your character and live the backstory that you create. Outfit yourself with the accoutrements that make your character who they are. Attend, in persona, the 2017 Steampunk Scratch Endeavor on Friday October 13th at 7pm at The Happy Grape in Lexington, Ohio. Winners will be announced for the Ace-high flash-fiction submittal, the bang-up costume of the evening and the top of the pile prop of the evening. Bring your best bib-and tucker for the festivities and see what happens….. Email submissions to

From 7p.m.

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